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We don’t just supply parts, we also help factors and technicians with any hints and advice we can offer to make fitting safer, easier and quicker. Our latest bulletins are listed below – keep checking back, as we add new bulletins regularly.

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Title: Correct shim fitment for PAD1835
Notes: Correct shim fitment for PAD1835
Added: April 9th 2019
Size: 162 kB
Title: When should brake fluid be changed
Notes: When should brake fluid be changed
Added: April 2nd 2019
Size: 125 kB
Title: Identification Of Calipers
Notes: Identification Of Calipers LCA,RCA155...
Added: January 15th 2019
Size: 56 kB
Title: Installing Window-type ABS Ring
Added: April 6th 2018
Size: 110 kB
Title: Installing Toothed-type ABS Ring
Added: April 6th 2018
Size: 108 kB
Title: Overlapping Friction Material
Notes: PAD1198 PAD1259 PAD1269 Overlapping F...
Added: February 7th 2018
Size: 165 kB
Title: Citreon Peugeot Disc Identification
Notes: Identification of Citroen C4 and Peug...
Added: January 5th 2018
Size: 114 kB
Title: Brake-Fluid-Testing
Notes: Brake-Fluid-Testing
Added: November 21st 2017
Size: 146 kB
Title: Brake-Fluid-FAQs
Notes: Brake-Fluid-FAQs
Added: November 21st 2017
Size: 259 kB
Title: Pads-with-wire-clamps
Notes: Brake pads fitted with wire clamps on...
Added: November 13th 2017
Size: 125 kB
Title: Pads-with-back-plate-springs
Notes: Correct fitment of inner and outer pa...
Added: November 13th 2017
Size: 145 kB
Title: Disc-with-integral-Bearing
Notes: Disc-with-integral-Bearing Fitting In...
Added: November 13th 2017
Size: 173 kB
Title: Discs with ABS Rings
Notes: When fitting a new disc that has the ...
Added: September 21st 2017
Size: 117 kB
Title: Directional Brake Pads
Notes: How to identify and fit directional p...
Added: September 8th 2016
Size: 241 kB
Title: Handed Brake Discs
Notes: Brake Discs - see list
Added: March 8th 2016
Size: 131 kB
Title: Renault Clio Sport Brake Discs
Notes: Brake Discs, DSK2813, DSK2826, DSK294...
Added: January 4th 2016
Size: 154 kB
Title: Landrover Electronic Parking Brake
Notes: Brake Shoes, SHU724 & SHU738
Added: February 27th 2015
Size: 151 kB
Title: Coated Disc Identifcation
Notes: Brake Discs, Various
Added: December 19th 2014
Size: 175 kB
Title: Honda / Rover Caliper Fitment
Notes: Brake Calipers, LCA/RCA150
Added: March 11th 2014
Size: 45 kB
Title: Put the Brake on Noise
Notes: Brake Pads, All PADs
Added: March 5th 2014
Size: 63 kB
Title: Importance of changing accessory kits
Notes: Brake Fitting Kits, All KITs
Added: February 14th 2014
Size: 1,075 kB
Title: Identification of Calipers
Notes: Brake Calipers, LCA/RCA152 & RCA158
Added: February 6th 2014
Size: 57 kB
Title: JaguarXF-XJwearleadWIR5243
Notes: JaguarXF-XJwearleadWIR5243
Added: January 23rd 2014
Size: 146 kB
Title: New Release - Apec Brake Grease
Notes: Brake Grease, BG75
Added: October 21st 2013
Size: 141 kB
Title: VAG PR Numbers
Notes: All, Various
Added: August 6th 2013
Size: 42 kB
Title: Caliper Core Rejections
Notes: Brake Calipers, All LCA/RCA/UCA
Added: March 4th 2013
Size: 49 kB
Title: Discs - How low should you go?
Notes: Brake Discs, All DSKs
Added: August 17th 2012
Size: 97 kB
Title: UCA 230 Core Return Criteria
Notes: Brake Calipers, UCA230
Added: July 2nd 2012
Size: 101 kB
Title: Block Exemption
Notes: All Apec Components
Added: October 22nd 2010
Size: 218 kB
Title: Land Rover Freelander Pad Fitting Ins...
Notes: Brake Pads, PAD1208
Added: September 21st 2009
Size: 367 kB
Title: Modified Hand Brake Lever, Fiat
Notes: Brake Shoes,SHU540, SHU551, SHU560, S...
Added: June 25th 2009
Size: 159 kB
Title: Ford Transit Rear Drums & Judder
Notes: Brake Drums, all 5 and 6 stud applica...
Added: March 3rd 2009
Size: 134 kB